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This layout is geographically-accurate with regard to each seismometer's latitude and longitude; reference this page to see the stations on a park map background.
To see images obscured by other images, just put your mouse over them.

B206-Borehole B206
B208-Borehole B208
B944-Borehole B944
B945-Borehole B945
B950-Borehole B950
MCID-Moose Creek
YDC-Denny Creek
YDD-Grant Village
YEE-East Entrance
YFT-Old Faithful
YGC-Grayling Creek
YHB-Horse Butte
YHH-Holmes Hill
YHL-Hebgen Lake
YJC-Joseph's Coat
YLA-Lake Butte
YLT-Little West Thumb
YMC-Maple Creek
YML-Mary Lake
YMP-Mirror Lake Plateau
YMR-Madison River
YMS-Mt Sheridan
YMV-Mammoth Vault
YNE-NE Entrance
YNM-Norris Museum
YNR-Norris Junction
YPC-Pelican Cone
YPK-Parker Peak
YPM-Purple Mountain
YPP-Pitchstone Plateau
YSB-Soda Butte
YTP-The Promontory
YUF-Upper Falls
YWB-West Boundary