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Click on a date to see a map of that quake; click on a station name to see the closest seismograph trace
image for that quake/day, if there is one. Remember, the times down the left side of a trace image are in Mountain Time,
and thus one hour earlier than the times shown below (which are Central).
Date (Central)
N. Latitude
W. Longitude
Depth (mi)
Closest Station (mi)
(hdg. from station)
12/2/2012 03:58:2345° 16' 12.00"112° 40' 26.41"0.903.73YHL 78.3 (WNW, 286°)
12/2/2012 01:44:3245° 50' 34.80"111° 43' 15.60"0.702.55YHL 73.4 (NNW, 332°)

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2 total quakes match these settings.
Equivalent magnitude sum: 1.112
Latest quake in DB: 07:45:34 on 12/11/2018 (Central Time).
Quake data can be several days out of date;
it only appears here after they update it. Assuming the
government isn't shut down or anything...
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