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Click on a date to see a map of that quake; click on a station name to see the closest seismograph trace
image for that quake/day, if there is one. Remember, the times down the left side of a trace image are in Mountain Time,
and thus two hours earlier than the times shown below (which are Central).
Date (Central)
Δ Time N. Latitude
W. Longitude
Depth (mi)
Closest Station (mi)
(hdg. from station)
5/3/2012 22:00:26 45° 41' 42.00"111° 21' 18.01"1.705.47YHL 58.9 (NNW, 348°)
5/3/2012 16:44:555:15:3145° 19' 33.60"112° 34' 29.99"0.905.47YHL 75.4 (WNW, 289°)
5/3/2012 08:26:458:18:1044° 36' 21.60"110° 38' 39.13"0.792.57YML 0.1 (WNW, 303°)
5/3/2012 08:26:170:2844° 35' 56.40"110° 37' 54.47"1.362.77YML 0.7 (ESE, 119°)

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4 total quakes match these settings.
Equivalent magnitude sum: 1.940
Latest quake in DB: 16:07:07 on 10/21/2018 (Central Time).
Quake data can be several days out of date;
it only appears here after they update it. Assuming the
government isn't shut down or anything...
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